Radical Movement 101: Updated + Expanded

Unleash your body | Blow your own mind

Let's go.

Welcome to the School of Radical Movement.

This is your invitation to shift everything.

Radical Movement 101 is a 12-month membership program that opens you to new ways of being through accessible philosophy, practical tools and pleasurable practices. Together, we will get your life moving on all levels and create the conditions for your juiciest liberation.

Here’s what I’d like to know:

  • Do you wake up every morning STOKED to be with yourself?
  • Are you totally excited about the life you’re currently creating?
  • Are you clear on your TRUE calling?
  • Are all your relationships a source of mutual support + inspiration?
  • Do you experience healthy, deep + nourishing intimacy in your closest relationships?
  • Do you feel supported and uplifted in community?
  • Do you experience your body as a source of delight, discovery and pleasure?
  • Do you feel tapped in and turned on by your creativity?
  • Do you make as much money as you want and feel AWESOME about it?

Or …

  • Do you feel stuck or lost in any of your relationships?
  • Do you struggle to align your passions and job, or feel trapped in your career?
  • Do you have a bunch of unfinished projects?
  • Are you always BUSY?
  • Do you find yourself scrolling through your social media feeds more than once per day?
  • Do you feel like you have to do it all by yourself, and alone in what you’re going through?
  • Do you have mixed feelings about your body or struggle in your relationship with food?
  • Do you seek meaning and fulfillment through romantic relationships?
  • Do you feel like an imposter when you think about playing bigger in life?

As Einstein said: We cannot solve a problem from the level at which it was created.

We cannot strategize our way into a better life, to-do-list our brilliance, or just try harder and "figure it all out ourselves."

If we could, we would have done it already.

The great news:

And entirely new way of thinking, being and relating — the source of ALL our creation + fulfillment — is available right here, right now. I call it INSTINCTUAL GENIUS, and it’s the magic sauce most of us are missing.

Our ONLY problem is our disconnection from the ultimate source of everything we're made of.

Thing is, our society thrives on our disconnection.

It needs us to keep looking outside ourselves for answers, buying stuff we don’t need and working jobs we don’t like. It needs us to stay in survival mode, stuck in the same thought-loops and habit-patterns we’ve been running since childhood.

We need tools, commitment, practice, patience, and a supportive community to rewire our brains in the direction of our genius.

In Radical Movement 101, you'll learn to source your power from the one place you can actually get it: yourself.

And at the same time ...


In the past, I released this course as a solo adventure.

I heard from y’all just how challenging it is move through this level of internal revolution without the support of others. And I think that's right on. Change doesn't happen in a vacuum, and we can't truly transform on our own.

While growth is an inside job, facing our deepest truths brings up ALL our resistance and fear. True transformation asks us to let go of what’s familiar and embrace a huge amount of unknown.

Even the FUN & ADVENTURE-FILLED parts of this course can bring up resistance and self-doubt ... you'd be surprised how many of us are constantly making excuses that hold down our level of joy.

Nothing makes a bigger difference than the support of a group of committed people who will lift us up, reflect our brilliance, hold us accountable and cheer us on.

Doing this work with community takes us outta the illusion of our aloneness, gives us permission to take bigger risks, amplifies EVERYONE’S growth, because we all learn from each other ~ and makes everything WAY more fun.


For the first time ever, Radical Movement exist as an online platform for us to evolve - together.

This community will be a place to bring our vulnerable truths, share our creations and our wins, rant when we need to, get feedback and support, and keep our energy moving.

It will also be a place where you can access me directly through posts, comments, and Facebook Live.

1-on-1 coaching with me is a major commitment. My clients make a huge investment to receive individual guidance, and I only work with a handful of clients at a time. This online community is by far the most accessible and affordable medium I've ever released that will provide individual support + direct access.

To be honest, the price point for this course + community offering is a little nuts. My biz advisors told me it was a terrible idea, and that I should charge way more.

But *my* instincts told me different, and I'm following my guts to make this accessible for as many of you as possible. We will dance daily, report back on our adventures, create a hub of global movers + shakers who are committed to living life full-tilt -- and I can't wait.



Proceed only if:

  • You actually want to change your life by making different choices + taking different actions
  • You’re willing to think differently about reality, your identity, and what's possible
  • You’re willing to get uncomfortably honest with yourself ... and honest with the world.

If you’re ready to go deep ...


Each month, you'll receive

  • Ongoing support, bonus assignments, mini-lessons, and spontaneous magic via me + ALL OF US in our interactive online community
  • Philosophy videos that take you through a full transformational process, and include my own personal stories to give you context for everything we’re working on
  • PDFs summing up all the main takeaways, plus tools and techniques to get you moving in major ways
  • New movement practices
  • Home-play that helps you apply the philosophy to your life
  • Resources including reading lists, videos, articles, and more to for that extra good juju when you need it

Your workbooks also give you weekly deep dives, including

  • Writing reflections for month’s theme around the 4 key aspects of your life: body, relationships, work, and creativity
  • Action assignments to implement your explorations into your life
  • A new affirmation tailored to the week’s focus, with specific instructions on how to use it every day

Bonus Materials

When you sign up before enrollment closes on November 8, 2019, you’ll receive extra goodies and 2 bonus courses to give you a fully integrated toolkit for your adventures in Radical Movement!

  • 20 hours of downloadable DJ mixes that I’ve curated to give you a full range of sounds for your home dance practice
  • The full set of Radical Movement 101 Embodied Practice Series, including (12) 20-30 minute guided dance journeys featuring my DJ mixes + facilitation
  • My guided Free Up Your Past + Actualize Your Future audio program, which takes you through a full process of movement, meditation, visioning, and reflection
  • The full Transform Your Reality guided EFT series, which gives you the quickest simplest, most portable and transformational tool I know of - along with 12 in-depth guided EFT practices.
  • The Unravel Your Ultimate Truth Workbook will support you in unpacking your own unique limiting belief systems in a laser focused way.
  • The Radical Movement Journal, a printable PDF designed specifically to support your daily practice as you progress through the program.

Separately, these courses are worth $444 - and they're included free when you enroll in the Radical Movement membership before November 20, 2019.

It all comes with a 30 day guarantee, so you can experience it all for yourself with zero risk. You're in the driver's seat, babe.

Your Instructor


Through intensive studies in neuroscience, psychology, somatics, buddhism and shamanic practice, Tasha Blank has devoted more than a decade to understanding how the technologies of mind + movement can be used to unlock our fullest potential.

As a teacher, author, speaker, dj, producer and creator of dance phenomenon The Get Down, she regularly guides thousands of people forward to the exuberant freedom that lives in each of us.

She is a stand for your liberation.

"Tasha is an unwavering leader. I worked with her initially through one-on-one coaching, and her insight and wisdom were an incredible gift to me on my wellness journey, creating openings for new experiences, growth and healing. Her teachings and offerings are grounded and accessible, creatively guiding us back to ourselves so we can reach our full potential. I am eternally grateful for her!"

- Nicole B

"Tasha Blank is a downright oracle. Before meeting her, I kept myself small in all arenas of my life. Thanks to her wisdom, her teaching, and her presence, I have broken through so much of my fear around worthiness, creativity, body love, and living according to my larger purpose. Her guidance has been a powerful force enabling me to transform into my biggest, rawest, most powerful self."

- Sophia C


What we'll explore:

Each month’s theme builds on the previous one to keep you on your growth edge as we systematically dismantle limiting beliefs, rewire your brain, and generate new ways of being that catapult you fully into the wild adventure of your life.

Month 1: Gratitude in Advance

We begin by creating a powerful foundation for your year by flipping the script on gratitude and cultivating your ability to magnetize the feelings you desire on a cellular level. This month lays the framework for everything we'll do this year.

Month 2: You Get What You Think You Deserve

Ever notice how we tend to rise to the level of our own expectations? This month gets super real as we dive straight into dismantling the mental programs that have been holding you back - and you'll see why we spent a full month setting ourselves up for the work ahead.

Month 3: You Are Made of Lightning and Stardust

After diving in, we zoom out to harness the perspective needed to catapult you beyond your old ways of thinking. You are not your thoughts, my friends - and the places we go this month will begin to open your doors of perception and show you what you're really made of.

Month 4: Fear Is Your Best Friend

This module is one of my personal favorites. It's the practice that changed my life most drastically, and helped me transform from being paralyzed by fear into the woman I am today. This month, you'll gain a thorough understanding of how fear acts in your brain and how to rewire your most habitual neurological patterns, and receive the guidance, practices, assignments, and action steps to catalyze your own transformation.

Month 5: You Can Only Move Forward if You Let Go

We lean into the heart of fear this month. If you've been tolerating the status quo in any area of your life but are afraid to risk losing what you know for an unknown outcome, this one's for you. In this module, you'll discover exactly why letting go of what we know (even when it hurts us) is so incredibly difficult - and acquire new tools to help you learn to leap.

Fair warning: this is one of the most important skill sets I want everyone I know and love to have - so I get super personal in this one with a story you won't hear anywhere else. I couldn't adequately teach this lesson without delving into my own experience with it.

Month 6: Curiosity is the Antidote to fear

This module contains one of my favorite exercises on the planet! Get ready to have fun and blow your own mind. That's all I'm gonna say about that one :)

Month 7: Get Willing to Fuck Shit Up

This month, we dig into one of the biggest blocks to creativity, growth, and success. It's time to upend the ways we approach our work, and embrace the mess full-on.

Month 8: Just Take the First Step

A simple practice to change everything. We'll use a couple sneaky tricks to get even the stickiest places moving, and strengthen your risk-taking muscles one baby step at a time.

Month 9: Sit In the Fire of Your Own Becoming & Learn to Love the Burning

This is the realest of the real, friends. This is what the Buddha was talking about. This is the way in, the way out, and the way through, and it is the quickest route to freedom. It will burn away everything that you are not to reveal your truest essence.

Month 10: Control is a Lie + Surrender is the Key to Freedom

This month, we get to the root of what causes all suffering and holds us back from the kind of liberation that lives beyond our wildest dreams. With any luck, these practices will break your brain in the best way possible. This is life lived fully: welcome to it.

Month 11: Radical Self Expression

What do we DO with all this newfound freedom? We CREATE. If you've been looking for a sign, this is it.

Month 12: You Are Here for a Reason + We Need You

The real reason we've done all of this. This month, we create a powerful ending together and launch you straight into your new life with more power, passion, and purpose than ever.

"Tasha Blank is my north star. When I faced a decision to try to become a dancer or go to medical school, she sat with me and helped guide me to make the right choice. I went forward and made the scariest decision of my life - to attend medical school in the Caribbean. She showed me that I was a dancer, then let me see that I could become so much more."

- Grant F

"Tasha taught me how to move through my pain and transform it into a source of POWER instead of WEAKNESS. Thanks to her teachings I am alive, breathing and moving! I am empowered now. How is this even possible? The answer: pure Tasha Blank Magic!"

- Natalia C


When you sign up for Radical Movement 101, you'll also receive bonus materials and four bonus courses to give you a totally integrated set of tools and support you on every level of your journey:

  • 20 hours of downloadable DJ mixes that I’ve curated to give you a full range of sounds for your home dance practice
  • The full set of Radical Movement 101 Embodied Practice Series, including 12 20-30 minute guided dance journeys featuring my DJ mixes + facilitation
  • My guided Free Up Your Past + Actualize Your Future audio program, which takes you through a full process of movement, meditation, visioning, and reflection
  • The full Transform Your Reality guided EFT series, which gives you the quickest simplest, most portable and transformational tool I know of - along with 12 in-depth guided EFT practices.
  • The Unravel Your Ultimate Truth Workbook will support you in unpacking your own unique limiting belief systems in a laser focused way.
  • The Radical Movement Journal, a printable PDF designed specifically to support your daily practice as you progress through the program.

Separately, these courses are worth $444 - and they're included free to support your journey when you enroll in Radical Movement 101 before November 20, 2019.

Courses Included with Purchase

Electric Body: Movement + Meditation Practices
Guided Dance Practices and Somatic Meditations
Transform Your Reality: EFT Video Series + Audio Program + Workbook
Harness the power of EFT, unravel your limited stories, and expand your vision.

Original Price: $444

"Tasha has helped me to perceive life in real-time to the point that every bright moment feels savored. Her ability to have such self-presence while also creating and holding such a safe space for others is remarkable and inspiring. She allowed me to discover the path I am meant to go down, and was there to guide me with exactly what I needed. I owe a lot of the confidence I have in my movement and all of my gratitude to her."

- Jacob A

"I always leave any Tasha Blank experience feeling more alive. She’s a magician whose greatest trick is making you see the best parts of yourself. And it’s relatable, because you know she’s gone through it. She’s living everything she’s teaching. Tasha has given me permission to be the wild, crazy, free, and creative being that I am, to stay true to myself, to trust in the right unfolding of everything, to take some big risks and stay focused on what’s important, to always choose the scary thing over the safe thing."

- Chad W

"Tasha's work has influenced my life in many ways, from the dance floor to her most recent online course Free Up Your Past + Actualize Your Future. The course had an amazing balance of structure and creativity, and reminded me to do things I am afraid of while giving me a different perspective on my life. Everything Tasha brings to the world helps people to break through roadblocks!"

- Marina R

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there prerequisites?
Do you have a body + mind? Then Radical Movement 101 will move your life. Show up exactly as you are.
I've studied some of these topics before. What makes this different?
There's plenty of great information out there. But that's all it is: information. Adding more abstract ideas to your arsenal won't actually change your life. We need integrated, embodied experience in order to catalyze real transformation in our lives. This is what Radical Movement does.
12 months is a lot to stick with something. What if I fall off the program?
I’ve fallen off enough online programs to understand how difficult it can be to stay in it for the long haul. ALL of the material you’ll be getting in this course is the culmination of my investigation into what works most EFFICIENTLY. It's crafted specifically to fit into your life. Leaning into your growth edge doesn’t require a huge time commitment when you’re really facing it head on. What really works is simple. And truly sustainable change happens over time.
When does the course start and finish?
The course begins November 20 2019. A new module will be released each month for 12 months. You've got lifetime access, so you can take the material at your own pace!
How long do I have access to the course?
Forever! After enrolling, you'll have access to this course across any and all devices you own.
What if I enroll, and the course isn't the right fit for me?
No worries! Just contact us within 30 days of enrollment for a full refund.

You deserve an inexhaustible connection to your deepest truth, highest inspiration, and wisest source of guidance. You deserve a life that feels like an unstoppable stream of magic.


Get started now!

"Tasha is a fearless inspiration. Her teaching is fierce, connected, full of knowledge and heart. Keep her influence in your world in whatever way you can ... she will help you remember who you really are."

- Kerri L

"Every time I listen to Tasha's audio program Free Up Your Past + Actualize Your Future, something shifts deep inside of me. My cells feel alive; I feel everything waking up. The veils, the stories, the liming beliefs start lifting, and dispersing, and I feel my true self emerging. I feel open. I feel alive. I feel free. I feel an urgency to create, to share my images, my words, my heart. This is one of the most powerful programs I have ever come across! Thank you so much Tasha!"

- Jackie H

"I've considered Tasha a mentor in movement and soul for years, and she just gets it. There are a lot of guides out there, but I could count on one hand those who have had the presence and innate skill to create and hold space for me to connect to dormant parts of myself through their work. Tasha is one of those people, and I could not be more grateful."

- Casey A

"Tasha is an inspiring teacher and a force of life. She creates a safe space to experience a deeper connection with the wisdom of our own bodies, our emotions, our creativity, our fears and dreams. It’s a beautiful and powerful way to discover who we really are. "

- Karen U